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Punch the Sky!

An Hour Long Airline Themed Dramedy Series



An Hour Long Dark Dramedy Series About Sex, Drugs & Pole Dancing

(Think: if Bob Fosse were alive today, this would be the kind of show he'd create.)

*that guy

A comedy web series (with a *pilot for television) about two arrested development bachelors just trying to make their way in the French Quarter of New Orleans... one disastrous decision at a time.

*Co-Created with Nick Gomez & Jason Slawson

Web Series Scripts

*(Half Hour for Television)

Web Scripts Written By Gomez & Slawson

Available Upon Request


-Ain't no law in this Mardi Gras

An Hour Long Historical Drama Series
          About the Birth of An Extraordinary American City: New Orleans

*Co-Created with Nick Gomez

ScreenCraft Pilot Launch Competition Semi-Finalists

Show Bible; Pilot Episode, First 5 Episodes, 5 Year Series Outline - Available On External Webpages

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