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(DRAMA/FANTASY) A Nuyorican Jazz musician, visiting his Chicana girlfriend in Los Angeles, struggles with his music career, a life threatening disease and a tragedy from his past while being hunted by a mythological goddess.

Big Apple Film Festival & Screenplay Competition - SEMIFINALIST


In Indian Country:

(DRAMA) A Santa Fe New Mexico high school track star, and wannabe filmmaker, discovers his true cultural identity as a Native-American while being torn between the diverse styles of two different coaches.

Hey Joe:

("FOREST GUMP" MEETS "WALL STREET") A modern day re-telling of the Biblical story of Joseph from Genesis, satirizing the most notorious scandals in both U.S. Politics and Corporate America over the past 40 years.

Camera Ready:

(INDIE FLAVORED DRAMA) A relationship between a recovering addict photographer and his substance abuse counselor fiancée is threatened when he's tasked with interviewing a famous pop star.


(A nod to the French New Wave & New Hollywood Cinema)

BlueCat Screenplay Competition - QUARTERFINALIST

ScreenCraft Screenplay Competition - QUARTERFINALIST

 (*Co-Written with Jason Slawson)

(DARK COMEDY/SATIRICAL COMEDY) Only Black Friday sales and a documentary news crew can save family owned Rigley Super-Mart from destruction.

Screenplay Competition - SEMIFINALIST



(*Co-Written with Jason Slawson)

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(DARK COMEDY/SATIRICAL COMEDY) The corruptive nature of college football is exposed when two rival coaches try to settle an old score.


ScreenCraft Comedy Screeplay Competition - SEMIFINALIST

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(INDIE COMEDY - written as a starring vehicle for Marc Maron) A down on his luck comedian, hoping to resurrect his career in Vegas, has a public meltdown, and all-night bender, that results in him bonding with a teenage prostitute.


FEEDBACK from the Slamdance Film Festival: "This is really fantastic!"


All In the Music:

(INDE ROCK DRAMEDY - written as a starring vehicle for Marc Maron) A coming-of-age story about a female teenage bass player from Seattle whose journey to L.A. reveals the truth about her past.

(INDE ROCK DRAMEDY - written as a starring vehicle for Marc Maron) A coming-of-age story about a female teenage bass player from Seattle whose journey to L.A. reveals the truth about her past.

All In the Music


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To live a life in Rock 'N Roll,

You got to be in it for the whole ride!

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Seattle: 1993 into 1994.  An adopted 18-year-old bass player named NATALIE “PEPPERS” BELLMONT bounces from band to band trying to find her musical voice, when her adopted father gifts her a time capsule: an unpublished autobiography. As “Peppers” immerses herself in the pages of this grand adventure, she discovers the life of a battle worn World War II veteran and music manager named FRANK CARSON who nurtured a dozen or so Rock bands from 1975 up until a tragedy involving his lost soul of a daughter pulls him out of the scene. Disillusioned with what she considers to be the “sell-out” nature of so-called “Grunge”, she leaves for Los Angeles to track down this old timer, now in his 70s living at the infamous: Highland Gardens Hotel. FRANK is eventually won over by her enthusiasm for his past exploits and the two share with each other the music they love from their generations.  Peppers eventually learns the mystery of her past and the mother she never knew she had.
ALL IN THE MUSIC is about how music binds us from one generation to the next, and is dedicated to the ones we lost too soon, who sing with the angels… and to the memory of Seattle’s own: Lynn Shelton (RIP).  

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