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(DRAMA/FANTASY) A twenty-something nuyorican Jazz musician from New York, visiting his chicana girlfriend in Los Angeles, struggles with his music career, a life threatening disease and a tragedy from his past while also being hunted by a mythological goddess.


In Indian Country:

(DRAMA) A high school senior and track star from New Mexico—who dreams of attending NYU film school—deals with family issues, the discovery of his true cultural identity as a Native-American and the mother he never knew he had; as well as being torn between the diverse styles of his two running coaches: one a Navajo tribesman, one a washed up Olympic track coaching looking for his second chance.

Hey Joe:

("FOREST GUMP" MEETS "WALL STREET") A modern day re-telling of the Biblical story of Joseph from Genesis, satirizing the most notorious scandals in both U.S. Politics and Corporate America over the past 40 years.

Camera Ready:

(INDIE DRAMA) When a glossy magazine photojournalist and recovering alcoholic—obsessed with physical perfection—engages in a non-physical, “photo-erotic” affair with a pop-star/model/actress, he ends up destroying his relationship with his “Plain Jane” looking—but incredibly wonderful—fiancée.


   (*Co-Written with Jason Slawson)

(BLACK COMEDY/SATIRICAL COMEDY) Only Black Friday and a documentary news crew can save Preston Rigley’s family-owned Rigley Super-Mart of Kansas City, MO from extinction after a fallen crate crushes a minimum wage employee and a team of big-box store corporate heavies threaten to compete with their flagship store.


ScreenCraft Comedy Screeplay Competition Semi-Finalist

(INDIE COMEDY - written as a starring vehicle for Marc Maron) A public melt down sets one-time legendary comedian Jay Walker on a self-destructive all-night bender, but every bad decision only fuels his hilarious journey through the seedy side of Las Vegas, and ultimately leads to resurrecting his career.


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